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Caring for your Cat

Our staff is committed to providing the best care for your cat. Whether you are looking for routine care or emergency treatment, or if your pet requires surgery, we want to provide your pet with the care it requires while providing you with peace of mind and the information and support you need.

Feline Vaccination Schedule

Kitten Vaccination Schedule
We recommend that all kittens be tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS before being exposed to other pets or prior to starting vaccinations. This test requires only 3 drops of blood and can be done while you wait. Results take 10 minutes.
9 Weeks

FIV/FeLV snap test
FVRCP #1 (Distemper)
Free first dose of Frontline Plus
Free bag of Science diet kitten food

If your kitten will be going outside we also recommend:
FIV #1

12-13 Weeks
Recheck Exam
and if your kitten will go outside:
FeLV #1
16-17 Weeks If your kitten goes outside:
FIV #3
FeLV #2
Rabies 1 year (If your kitten will remain indoors only, the rabies vaccine can be given at it's 12 week appointment instead)
Adult Cat Annual Vaccination Schedule
Annual vaccinations start 1 year after the last set of kitten vaccinations.
Indoor Only cats Exam
Rabies 3 year
(Massachusetts law requires all dogs and cats whether indoor or outdoor are to be vaccinated for Rabies. The first vaccine is always considered a 1 year vaccine. It is necessary to recieve the next rabies booster prior to the due date of the 1 year recieved in order for the next to be considered a 3 year vaccine. Once your pet is on a 3 year vaccine, it will always be done as a 3 year from that point on.)

Deworming (if prone to hunting)
Indoor/Outdoor cats Exam
Rabies 3 year
FeLV 2 year
Monthly flea prevention is strongly recommended, especially for cats that go outside. We offer Frontline plus, Comfortis, Revolution and Seresto collars as options for cats.

(Kills both fleas and ticks)

(Kills just fleas)